Why I Want to Study Post-partum

November 19, 2018

I have two goals for this semester: get the best grades I can and grow as a person. The first goal is customary for any college student that has plans to continue their studies after getting their first degree. The second goal isn't as thought about as one would hope. My only thought for the first year of college was to study. I wouldn't party, I wouldn't take time for myself. I barely gave myself the time to do the routine things you need to survive such as eating and sleeping. I was too busy trying to have the perfect grades so my mom could be proud of me. Due to this strenuous schedule I put myself on, I lost myself. My grades started to slip. My friends didn't see me as much anymore. I fell into a deep depression and barely got myself out of it.  This year is different. I will take time for myself because I know that I'm the most important person in my life right now (besides my dogs). Going through this rough patch in my life gave me an idea on where to go for this project. I know that one day, I will have a child, and that one day, I will go through a depression like no other I have gone through before: post-partum. I want to explore this topic specifically so that I can prepare myself for the grief I will put myself through so that I can have a child I will love more than anything in the world. This topic is very near and dear to my heart because when my mother had me, she had to go through this depression and because it isn't talked about in the media at all, she felt alone. I want to do this for her, even if it is nineteen years too late. 

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