Continuation of Motherhood outside of the Binary

May 6, 2019


My previous focus of this project was to compile stories from LGBT individuals and I would like to continue that goal, however I would also like to further analyze the idea of "patriarchal motherhood" and how new ideas of motherhood are challenging traditional ideas of motherhood. Even after working on this project previously, whenever I see the word "mommyblogging" I the first thing that comes to mind are white, middle class, heteronormative narratives depicting traditional ideals of motherhood (not that those aren't valid) . I want to expand my range of what motherhood is even further and see what people have to say about what their experience of motherhood is, even if they did not physically give birth to their children, identify as a woman, or anyone else along that spectrum because on some level, motherhood could be perceived as a spectrum of sorts. 

My goals for this and the next semester is to gather more lgbt stories for the archive (as well as more stories in general), but also to understand what "motherhood" means those writers, and how it challenges traditional views. In the articles we read, another word that caught my eye was "biopower", it connects the idea that women reclaiming not just physical agency, but literal and (basically media depictions and how pregnancy, birth and motherhood is portrayed) gives women authority that challenges patriarchal expectations of motherhood. It reminded me of the term "reproductive justice" but I know our scope does not extend to those ideas. 

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