Premature Assumptions of The End of Pregnancy: An Archival Study of Post-Partum Writing in Digital Space

March 6, 2018


When I began to research blogs within the space of maternal writings, I was overwhelmed by the unique experiences of each mother. It is a common assumption that pregnancy ends for mothers after they have given birth. However, as I began to read blogs throughout the mamasphere, I became aware of the opposite: pregnancy continues to affect the mother after birth. Instantly, the painfully honest posts that documented journeys after pregnancy drew me in; I decided to focus my study on post-partum writings in digital space. 


Just like all pregnancies vary, all post-partum experiences widely differ. I found there were many online communities of mothers uniting to speak about their struggles with post-partum depression (PPD) and post-partum anxiety (PPA). I have always felt passionate about bringing awareness to mental health but I did not realize how greatly a mother's mental health could be affected after birth.


Through these online digital spaces, mothers are able to share their emotional experiences following birth. These writings offer an opportunity for mothers to have a support system they might not be able to find in real life. It is important to recognize that the journey with pregnancy does not end abruptly after birth, it continues as the mother learns how to care for her new child and how her body changes to adapt to her new role. 





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