Not "Almost" a Mother: Miscarriages in mommyblogging

March 6, 2018

      During the formation of this archive, it was essential to showcase experiences of mothers; what began as an idea to preserve birth narratives quickly expanded, leading to the inclusion of pregnancy and postpartum anecdotes as well. Maternal writing remains central to our archive, but it poses a question of what constitutes a mother. 

     Mommyblogs created a network linking mothers through similar experiences involving pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum; in this network is inclusion of miscarriage narratives, with open discussion of topics usually saved for hushed conversations. The decision to include such narratives stemmed from the desire to preserve the honest communication between mothers who lost their children, and promote the connections of a community for those in similar circumstances. 
     Many mothers who wrote on their losses also included the celebration of "rainbow babies"- those born after a miscarriage or still born birth. These mothers remain a beacon of hope for others, and inclusion of their stories preserves this sentiment. It is imperative though that there is inclusion of narratives where this rainbow does not appear, in an effort to normalize discussion of child losses and foster connections between those undergoing similar struggles.
        Ultimately, we seek to preserve writing of mothers, and emphasize that motherhood does not necessarily begin with the first breath of a child, nor does it end with the last.  

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